halloween 2021

halloween 2021 will go down in wright history as the first (and possibly last) year that we did a family costume theme. ian isn’t the biggest fan of dressing up, but moses and gabriel convinced him this year, with lots of passion about superheroes. lots and lots of excited anticipation led up to the thirtieth of october (when we celebrated halloween, along with the vast majority of sabbath-observing utah valley), when our family transformed into spiderman, catwoman, batman, black panther, superman and wonder woman.

after an excited morning (moses popped into our bedroom at 5:45am yelling “today’s the day!!!”) we went for a early-afternoon trick-or-treat at grandma allred’s house, and then we went to a halloween carnival at the provo rec center. it was such an awesome event with a spook alley, halloween craft stations, trick or treating booths with fantastically dressed up adults, a laser tag bubble, bouncy houses and a huge bouncy slide, and a little train ride. we met my sister-in-law julie and her kids there (my brother eli was sadly out of town) and had a total blast with cousins. it was a super warm day and the event wasn’t crowded at all and it was so fun!

^^ gabriel was inspired to be black panther by his cousin dean. so fun to see them dressed up together as the same thing 🙂 ^^

julie and the kids met up with us at our house after the rec center party to go trick-or-treating. it felt like this was our kids’ first real trick-or-treating experience – we went every year in london but because halloween isn’t nearly as big of a holiday there it just felt so much more authentic this time – in our own neighbourhood, knocking on nearly every single door around our block. moses and gabriel were beyond thrilled by the whole experience…

…and so were august and eve, because they each got to suck on their own little lollipop while we went around!

we went back to our house for what i consider the most fun part of halloween – the dump-out-your-candy-organise-it-and-make-trades bit. and then we got to give out some candy too – really fun to see trick-or-treaters come to our doorstep.

i love holidays so much. with kids they are way more overwhelming but waaaaaay more fun. i worked up a sweat several times this halloween helping with costumes, trying to take photos, chasing kids around, etc. but it was so fun and just pure joy (especially to be with cousins, too!) for moses and gabriel (and the babies had a good time as well!).

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