may in-betweens

in may, ian and i took a quick trip to arizona for a concert and a longer trip to costa rica, and at the end of the month we set off on a month-long epic family adventure in europe. this post is for all the little things that happened between those big things.
but really, aren’t the little things actually the big things? i have loved looking back on this snippets of everyday life in the wright family in may 2022.

there was lots of lego building … moses coaching his (newly-four-years-old) kid brother in his craft.

we went to the tulip festival at thanksgiving point. having been to holland in the spring we were prepared to be underwhelmed, so we had a great time 🙂 it was really beautiful!

gabriel and the twins were excited about this new book we got, which happens to have been written/illustrated by our friend and neighbor amanda! and there was some mother’s day lead-up activities at school and church… (gotta love these sometimes-hilarious surveys!)

and then there was mother’s day! ian and the kids brought me breakfast and presents in bed.

and delivered on the only gift i want every year – a photo with my kids.

the big boys and i went on a little hike up the canyon together after church, and i got to spend mother’s day evening with two of my sisters and my mom ❤

one day evie got really excited about trying on her brother’s batman mask, and one day i got to do a quick hike with my sister saren who was in provo for a bit!

moses had his “lollipop day” at kindergarten (since he has a summer birthday there was a day in may that he got to be celebrated and everyone in the class got a lollipop – like when it’s a classmate’s birthday) … can you tell he was thrilled?!
and our kids’ biggest cousin max and his awesome wife abby came over for dinner one evening.

eve often enjoyed showing off that she knows where her belly button is…

and there was more lego building, some house projects finally done, and plenty of craft making…

moses had his first belt advancement at karate! it was very exciting.

there was lots of chess playing (gabriel was obsessed…) and mess making (the twins became experts…) …

some snaps from around the house after church on a sunday…

moses had his last day of kindergarten and then he had a final evaluation with his teacher to show his progress, along with one last play on his kindergarten playground.

i snapped a couple photos on one of the weekly early-morning rock canyon hikes i did with friends:

and there was moooore lego building in the basement…

we got to go to a fun party celebrating the publication of our friend’s book, where gabriel got his hair done to match his favorite page in the book, and i spent a lot of time and energy prepping and packing for our big europe trip!

phew! we survived our first school year in provo – with morning preschool and afternoon kindergarten and one-year-old twins. onto the summer!

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