stop-over in milan

we spent a quick day in milan on our way from switzerland to the amalfi coast. we arrived far past bedtime but had to go to see the duomo really quick before settling into our hotel. absolutely spectacular!

first thing in the morning, we put sleeping kids in buggies and baby carriers and went to see the last supper. it was pretty incredible to see this masterpiece, in the very spot where it was created. the reverence in the room was thick, and only slightly disturbed by our four little kids 🙂

i had to snap a photo of our circus in a reflection of a window on our way back to the duomo. we were quite the sight navigating the streets of milan, covered in tired children!

ian went to pack our stuff in the car and check out of the hotel and we chased pigeons and took pictures.

then we got to go up on the rooftops of the duomo! it was very cool. ian’s fear of heights made the experience kinda stressful for him but the rest of us loved it. amazing to look over the city and see all that intricate architecture.

after a bit of playing on the roof, we went down into the cathedral to take in the magnificent stained glass.

and then we had to head on to amalfi! it was cool to get a taste of milan.

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