motorhome-ing around norway

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when ian proposed that we live out of a motor home (first it was a camper van, but we decided to go a bit bigger) for five days around the fjords, i was definitely up for a wild adventure. i was also aware that things could be pretty miserable along the way – lots of driving on crazy mountain roads with two small kids and somehow all sleeping together inside our vehicle. all things considered, it went really well! there were a few times when ian said something like, “this is terrible!” and i was like, “well, yeah! what did you expect?!” – haha. but overall we had a really memorable and fun time. a wild adventure for sure.

usually we are pretty careful with planning out where we go and what we do each day on trips. but with the motor home we didn’t need to be at any reserved accommodations each night, so we decided to just lean in to that flexibility and pretty much winged it, deciding where to go as we went … and especially following the weather. we hoped to get further up north to an amazing place called geiranger but our weather app showed ten days in a row of snow there! so we googled and found other interesting places to visit. we were able to see sooo much beauty, and it was awesome.

here’s some photos from our time motor-homing around the fjord region!

IMG 4822
we were amazed by norway’s road system. we went through sooo many tunnels (including the longest road tunnel in the world! and tunnels with roundabouts inside them!) and we drove on to lots of ferries! we were always grateful for how ferries broke up the trip a little. we could get out of the car, walk around a bit and grab a snack, all while still continuing towards our destination.
IMG 4823 IMG 4826
our second night with the motor home, we pulled over on the side of the road to sleep. we happened to find a perfect little pull-off that was right on a lake. moses loved taking the path down to the water and throwing rocks in. in the morning, ian woke up and jumped right in the lake! a refreshing morning shower 🙂
IMG 8194
IMG 4835 IMG 4832
we saw literally hundreds of waterfalls in our driving. some were really big and powerful and close, like this one!
IMG 4839IMG 4932IMG 5579
little islands with red houses, wildflowers, glaciers … there was always something gorgeous to see out the window. after a while we kind of stopped trying to capture the beauty. it’s endless and awesome.
IMG 5581 IMG 5625
we learned about stave churches, medieval wooden churches that are usually elaborately carved and were once present all around northwest europe but now exist almost exclusively in norway. there used to be about 2,000 stave churches in norway and now there are just 28! we got to see two, and i loved them. the viking handicraft is amazing to see.
we stopped by røldal stave church one misty morning. moses loved exploring the surrounding cemetery and spotting animals on gravestones.
IMG 5588IMG 5585
the painted interior of røldal stave church is so beautiful!
IMG 5596IMG 5587
one more view of the church, and then back in the motor home to eat some pasta for lunch as it rained outside 🙂
IMG 5597 IMG 8248
trying to take pictures of the grandeur from a moving vehicle…
IMG 5599IMG 5607IMG 5611IMG 5765
sooo many waterfalls outside our windows…!
IMG 5619 IMG 5622
these days in our travels, we are always on the lookout for a playground. we’ve found a lot of great ones in different countries in europe! // these purple flowers were everywhere on our drives.
IMG 8263 IMG 4812
a little village we stopped in one afternoon for lunch:
IMG 5631IMG 5638IMG 5639 IMG 5652IMG 5646IMG 5650
ian was a champ maneuvering that big vehicle around some pretty crazy roads.
IMG 5655
the views were pretty cloudy from stalheim, a spot several people had told us to check out … but still pretty amazing!
IMG 5663 IMG 5664
we drove up to the stegastein viewpoint above flåm with fingers crossed that the clouds would break up rather than break into rain. we got our wish and were blown away by the stunning beauty!!
IMG 5669
stuggles to get a family selfie…hahaha!
IMG 4844 IMG 4848
IMG 4854 IMG 4856
we were quite the motley crew by this point, after sleeping in a motor home for a few nights and adventuring around nature for a few days. gabriel had a fall right on his face at some point and so was looking particularly not-his-best. i think in these pictures we are all wearing the same thing we slept in the night before…
IMG 4874
IMG 5678 IMG 5680IMG 4889
one of my very most favourite parts of our trip was the five minutes we spent at this little pull-off on our way down from the stegastein viewpoint. both boys were engaged with something in their carseats and so ian and i had a tiny sliver of glorious kid-free peace taking this in together.
IMG 4888IMG 4897
one drizzly evening we went to see vøringfossen, where several waterfalls meet and then the water rushes down a narrow valley. at first we couldn’t see anything because it was so cloudy but we waited a few minutes and the mist drifted. pretty spectacular.
IMG 4924
IMG 4914 IMG 4922
here’s where we pulled off to sleep another night:
IMG 8246
and the view from the back window there (the picture certainly doesn’t do it justice!):
IMG 8247
the second stave church we visited was borgund stave church. i was kind of obsessed with it. isn’t it so cool?!
IMG 5702
IMG 5703 IMG 5706
IMG 5715 IMG 5705
on our last full day, we drove up into the hardangervidda mountain plateau. the scenery was totally different than the scenery right along the fjords, gorgeous in a whole different way.
IMG 4904IMG 5723
we even got to play in some snow … on july 1st!
IMG 5731IMG 8217
back down by the fjords we saw rainbows…
IMG 5734
and tiny villages that make you wonder how the heck people up there…!
IMG 5740
we spent a good chunk of time in norway in souvenir shops. they are pretty much moses’s favourite thing ever. he got really into vikings and trolls on this trip.
IMG 5744 IMG 5761
at the very tail end of our time in norway, we visited storseterfossen, a gushing waterfall you can walk right behind!
IMG 5748 IMG 5752
IMG 5754 IMG 4929
this picture shows a bit of our setup in the motor home. there were two beds that moved down from the ceiling. moses and ian slept on on and gabriel and i slept on the other.
IMG 8250IMG 8277
saying goodbye to the motor home (which mo for some reason often called “the cable car,” and which he adored) at the bergen airport as we headed back to london:
IMG 8284
we waved farewell to norway from the plane and immediately started planning our trip back in the next few years (we’d love to do lofoten islands). we loooooove norway!
IMG 4937

and that’s a wrap! our norway-by-cruise-boat-and-motor-home trip was a dream come true, a little bit crazy, full to the brim of mindblowing natural beauty, exhausting and exhilarating, and just all around incredible.


  1. I love the pictures! I recently finished reading the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy (set in 14th century Norway) by Sigrid Undset so I love that you shared so many pictures of the land. Thank you!


  2. Because of my name, Norway has always been on my travel bucket list and your posts are making me want to go like tomorrow! It looks amazing and magical!


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