in the tulip fields (+ amsterdam)

IMG 4437IMG 4538IMG 4295

brace yourself for a lot more pictures of tulips 😉

while i loved experiencing the flowers at keukenhof, i loved even more experiencing the flowers growing wildly in the dutch countryside. the tulip fields (and the hyacinth and daffodil fields!) in holland are truly mind-boggling. seemingly endless colourful flowers is basically my idea of heaven.

we thoroughly explored the flower fields, and also got to spend some time at the beach (you never think of the beach when you think of the netherlands, right?? but the airbnb we stayed at was right by the sea and we all four loved spending some time in the sand and waves!). we finished off our trip with an afternoon in amsterdam (such a fantastic and unique city).

our first mode of exploration was biking. we thought it was a brilliant idea to plan our bike ride around nap time and have the boys sleep in the trailer.
IMG 4299
at first that worked out really great…
IMG 4305 IMG 4535IMG 4317IMG 4281IMG 4311IMG 4315IMG 4287
…but then the boys woke up and baby gabriel was not happy to be strapped into that thing. after a little snack break, the journey back to the bike rental place was full of incredibly beautiful sights and delightful smells … and a lot of eleven-month-old screaming. poor guy!
IMG 4338IMG 4321
the next day we opted for using the car as our means of transportation 😉 it was fun to drive around on a treasure hunt for the best fields, and then get out to explore and snap photos.
IMG 4355
IMG 4357
IMG 4356IMG 4372IMG 4380IMG 4364
this is the best we did on a photo of both boys together, haha:
IMG 4366IMG 4375IMG 4388  IMG 4395IMG 4397IMG 4423
IMG 4526IMG 4467IMG 4485IMG 4501
the smell of these fields packed full of hyacinths was just to die for!
IMG 4503IMG 4508
IMG 4410 IMG 4460
IMG 2401
IMG 2432 IMG 2441IMG 2455
we spent that evening at the beach!:
IMG 2396 IMG 2399
and the next morning i headed out on a training run, and couldn’t have asked for better scenery!
IMG 2456IMG 2462

IMG 2476 IMG 2471
IMG 2485 IMG 2494
IMG 2467 IMG 2474
IMG 2481 IMG 2460
a few more shots from our flower field treasure hunt:
IMG 3053 IMG 3055IMG 4539IMG 4547IMG 4549IMG 4601IMG 4556IMG 4570IMG 4581IMG 4591IMG 4604IMG 4605IMG 4611
loved seeing this different phase of the tulip life cycle…rows fulll of fallen petals.
IMG 4615
IMG 4629IMG 7214
both ian and i had been to amsterdam before, but never together! he has had several work trips there over the past few years, and i met a girlfriend there for a weekend when i was pregnant with moses. it was fun to experience the city together (and i’d never seen it with leaves on the trees, which seems to change everything!). we just had a couple of hours before we needed to go to the airport, so we took a quick canal cruise, ate some pancakes and stroopwafels, and then just wandered around those cute, quirky streets.
IMG 2507 IMG 2517
IMG 2522 IMG 2525
IMG 2530 IMG 2547 2IMG 2536

it was an amazing few days in holland! we lucked out with amazing weather and peak tulip bloom. all expectations exceeded 🙂


  1. So a questions I’ve always wondered about with the tulips there. What do they do with them? Are they grown to export the bulbs or flowers? Or just for the beauty of them?


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