magical flåm

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flåm was my favourite spot that we visited in our two weeks in norway. we just had the most magical day there. it was everything i dreamed up in my wish to visit the fjords, and more.

the weather we experienced in flåm, like a lot of the time we were in norway, was drizzly. when i first saw the forecast, i was pretty bummed. but … rain in the coastal north atlantic means so many waterfalls and mistiness that makes the whole world feel so enchanting.

at five a.m. on the morning we were set to put down anchor in flåm, ian nudged me away and whispered, “you’ve got to come see this.” i rolled out of bed, put in my contacts and slipped on a robe, and met him on our balcony. and gasped! i couldn’t believe the beauty we had woken up to! everything was so quiet around us, with the exception of the occasional sound of rushing water, as our huge boat cut through the greenish water towards the tiny town of flåm, nestled into the dramatic cliffs. it’s a morning i hope to never forget! (these pictures really don’t do it justice!)
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we disembarked and headed straight for the flåm railway station. riding a train from flåm up the mountains to myrdal is the thing to do in this little spot of the world … and for good reason! we rode up and back just for the views (didn’t even get out at the top as the train was coming right back down!) and, despite the chaos of wrangling two toddlers on a small train, ha!, it was a truly spectacular ride.
IMG 5171
it was so hard to capture the views with a camera and with the kids. we whizzed past sooo many waterfalls and the most gorgeous green valleys. with a bunch of tourist friends from all over the world.
IMG 5176
mo was more interested in the snacks than the views 😉
IMG 5181 IMG 5204
we did get out of the train at the half-way point to see this powerful waterfall. they had some mystical music playing over a loud speaker, and randomly a dancer in a red costume up on the cliff, ha. it was crowded with tourists but still so beautiful!
IMG 5185IMG 4519
coming back down into flåm:IMG 5209IMG 5219
we got off the train a stop further up than we had gotten on and walked the rest of the way back to the fjord. this was one of the most beautiful walks of my life, for sure. there were hardly any other people in the little village of flåm itself, and the secenery – towering mountains and majestic mist – just thrilled us!
IMG 5225 IMG 5226IMG 5230IMG 5234
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IMG 5272
we got back on the boat to eat lunch, as we did each port day on our cruise. we couldn’t pass up the free (included) all-you-can-eat food 😉
IMG 5267
brothers eating on our balcony:
IMG 5278 IMG 5279
IMG 5283 IMG 5285
in the afternoon, we rode this cool boat down the narrowest fjord in norway. that journey was jaw-droppingly, soul-soaringly beautiful. again, pictures don’t do it justice! (sorry there’s a lot – i couldn’t narrow them down any further!)
IMG 8051IMG 5287IMG 5290IMG 4571
moses and gabriel make any travel experience unique and exciting 😉 we couldn’t exactly just sit back and enjoy the scenery, but we had a great time as a family.
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IMG 5355 IMG 5384IMG 5389IMG 5382IMG 4567IMG 5358IMG 5370

IMG 5373 IMG 5361IMG 4578IMG 5392
after the boat ride, we had enough time to stop at a playground right on the water in flåm before getting back on our cruise boat. it’s funny how finding a playground has become such a focus of our travels 🙂 we hung out on the balcony and said bye to flam as our floating temporary home made its way out of aurlandsfjord and further up north.
IMG 4546 IMG 8042
we loved you, flåm, aurlandsfjord and nærøyfjord! IMG 5352
…cruising norway to be continued…!


    • I am NOT saying that Charity doesn’t look beautiful, calm or put together!

      Just in general I think that sometimes pictures can be deceiving. I follow an instagrammer and she was almost on her due date and had four small kids already. I couldn’t believe how awesome and peaceful she looked. Later she wrote in detail how miserable she felt.


      • it’s so funny, because as i was publishing this post i was thinking “woah, i look roooough in these pictures!” ha. i really appreciate the compliment! interesting story about the instagrammer. i usually don’t snap photos that portray feeling miserable, but i try to always mention in the blog post if things feel miserable…!


  1. This cruise is on my bucket list, it is so fun to see your experience! It’s just making me want to go more! I love living vicariously through you.


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